Personnel in all locations & entry ports

Multi-modal solutions (air, sea, river, road and rail freight)

Pentagon export personnel are in place to find the right export solutions for our clients. Upon analysis of the full scope and cargo specifications, we will advise and select the best method of shipment to meet or exceed your operational and commercial expectations.

Utilizing air, sea, river, road and rail freight forwarding options, we access to the appropriate transportation mode to meet the specific requirements.

Staff will advise and guide you through what can be a daunting maze of packing and documentation requirements specific to your destination and route. Customs export paperwork will be completed as required, in time.

  • Dedicated Export personnel in all locations and entry ports.
  • Multi-modal solutions (air, sea, river, road and rail freight)
  • Experience and expertise to guide you through packing and documentation requirements
  • Documented procedures to ensure timely pre-alert and post-flight checking etc.
  • A depth of coverage through owned offices and a partner network
  • Bespoke services to meet bespoke needs
  • Competitive rates through economies of scale