Project Forwarding

Geared to meet their needs.

Dedicated project team placed in-house or on-site

As our clients focus on international projects, we have developed to ensure we are geared to meet their needs. By allocating dedicated project staff (often in-house and on-site) we can ensure project cargoes are shipped on time and within budget.

By allowing Pentagon Logistics ltd to handle a project from cradle to grave, you can rest assured that Pentagon’s project team are co-coordinating all vendor deliveries to meet your project deadlines with the benefit of seeing the full picture.

Where appropriate, consolidation and co-loading can take place for economic and operational benefit.

  • Dedicated project team placed in-house or on-site
  • Full support from Pentagon’s international network
  • Key hub locations can be utilized for vendor consolidation
  • Bigger picture view ensures cost and time effective co-operation
  • Client can control vendor costs, freight and documentation